Removing sugar from your diet is one of the most important New Year’s resolution you can make to improve your oral health and lose weight. We've become so addicted to added sugar in our diet that we don't really taste the food we're eating. Sugar in any form spikes your insulin. Over time, this can lead to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, tooth decay, neuropathy, weight gain, or cancer. 

Slashing Sugar from Your Diet

Surprisingly, sugar is added to foods that don't typically taste sweet, such as condiments, sauces, and bread. Loading unhealthy carbs with sugar results in blood sugar levels rising rapidly and diving just as quickly, leaving you feeling hungry again sooner that expected. Healthy fats and lean protein keep you fuller and more satisfied for longer periods, helping to decrease your craving for sugar. Some tips for cutting back on sugar include:

  1. Use condiments such as ketchup, barbecue sauces and certain salad dressings in moderation
  2. Turn to fresh fruits when cravings hit
  3. Reduce the serving sizes of sugary foods
  4. Limit sugary drinks, like soda, and alcohol
  5. Up your water intake

Using citrus zests, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean add sweetness to foods without sugar and/or calories. Changing a habit, such as ordering an unsweetened latte and adding flavor with cocoa or vanilla powder, can help you lose weight.

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At first, cutting back on sugar can feel like a daunting task but eventually your taste buds will adapt. Your New Year’s resolution will result in improved oral health and weight loss. Start your New Year off right with an oral health check up from Drs. Daniel and Gaydos-Daniel, periodontists in Murfreesboro, TN. Call us today at 615-200-1199 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.