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September, 2017

Dr. Steven Daniel Made President of AAP

At its annual meeting in September in Boston, MA the American Academy of Periodontology installed Dr. Steven Daniel as its President. The AAP, based in Chicago, is the national organization for the dental specialty of Periodontics (dentists specializing in implants and gum/jaw bone health). The organization has over 8000 members worldwide.

Dr. Daniel’s term, which lasts until October 2018, is the culmination of six years as a Trustee for the Academy as well as three additional years in the officer chain. As spokesperson for the Academy Dr. Daniel will have the privilege of representing the Academy at international meetings in Japan and Europe.

For Dr. Daniel this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an ambassador for good oral and overall health. We will post photos of Dr. Daniel as he, and Dr. Gaydos-Daniel, represents the American Academy of Periodontology during the coming year.

July, 2017

Dr. Joanne Gaydos-Daniel Awarded Diplomate Status

Our practice is pleased to announce that Dr. Gaydos-Daniel was awarded Diplomate status by the American Board of Periodontology at its recent meeting in Dallas, TX. The American Board of Periodontology is recognized by the American Dental Association as the national certifying board for the dental specialty of Periodontics (dentists specializing in implants and gum/jaw bone health). The Board awards Diplomate status upon those who, after three years of postdoctoral advanced specialty training at an accredited institution, successfully complete a two part examination which consists of a comprehensive written examination and an oral examination. Successful candidates are Board Certified in Periodontics and Dental Implant Surgery.

Dr. Gaydos-Daniel received her dental degree from Marquette University in 1993. She completed a General Practice Residency at the Lakeside V. A. Hospital in Chicago in 1994. She received her Master’s Degree in Periodontology at Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1999.

Dr. Gaydos-Daniel is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontology, the Southern Academy of Periodontology, the American Dental Association and the Tennessee Dental Association. Congratulations Dr. Gaydos-Daniel!

January, 2017

Our practice is pleased to announce that we are caring for the former patients of Dr. Donald Cummings. Dr. Cummings, who worked for twenty years in the United States Air Force as a periodontist and spent the last seventeen years practicing in Murfreesboro, is enjoying a well-earned retirement.

Dr. Cummings and his team provided our office with all the records necessary to continue their patients’ treatment as seamlessly as possible. To our great pleasure three of Dr. Cummings’ team members agreed to join our team. His former patients will see familiar faces (Amey, Ashley and Susan) when they come for their care!

We welcome these new patients to our practice and new members to our team.

June 15-18, 2016

What an exciting, and exhausting, four days with Dr. Zuhr and fifteen colleagues from around the world. Doctors from Spain, Portugal and Australia gathered to learn from one of the preeminent periodontal plastic surgeons in the world. Periodontal plastic surgery is the area of periodontics focused on rebuilding soft tissue around teeth and implants that has been destroyed by disease or trauma. Days began early, at 7:30 am, and we were not back in our rooms until after 6:30 pm. For me that meant class, eating and sleeping only! We spent half of our time in class and the balance in the clinic, practicing what we learned. It was wonderful!

By an interesting coincidence the following week Joanne and I spent two days with Dr. Pat Allen. Dr. Allen is another renowned periodontal plastic surgeon. An interesting observation was how different the techniques used by these masters is and yet each achieves beautiful and consistent results. 

Joanne and I treat well over 600 teeth each year with some form of periodontal plastic surgery so we were able to immediately put what we learned to work for our patients.

You are never too old to learn something new!

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Dr. Steven Daniel & Dr. Joanne M Gaydos-Daniel are Board Certified by the American Board of Periodontology. 

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