Computed tomography (CT) imaging requires the use of X-ray equipment and a digital computer to obtain images of the body. Dental Cone Beam (CB) CT is a variation of the CT system in which dental professionals rotate around the patient to capture data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. The data are used to reproduce a three-dimensional (3D) model of the teeth, jaw, mouth, neck, nose, ears and throat.

Prior to dental implants, an examination of the planned site is required to visualize the available bone, surrounding anatomical structures and augmented areas that can the procedure desired affect. CBCT is helpful in planning for the insertion of single implants and in the surgical treatment planning for multiple implants.

Benefits of Cone Beam for Dental Implants

Dental CBCT is a quick and non-invasive technique that successfully addresses numerous clinical questions. In addition, it enhances patient trust, increases treatment acceptance rates, decreases implant completion time and increases the chances of implant success. It provides 3D information to assist with the diagnosis, treatment and evaluations of particular conditions. Clinicians have the most accurate anatomic information available when using CBCT imaging. In Other advantages of using dental CBCT systems include:

  1. Enhanced imaging of implant sites
  2. Up to 10 times less radiation
  3. Differentiation between teeth, bones, soft tissue and nerves
  4. Avoids restricted visualization and errors
  5. Ensures safe and accurate implant positioning
  6. Visualize internal anatomy that is not diagnosable externally
  7. Assess risks
  8. Completely painless
  9. Handicap accessible
  10. The cost is less than regular X-rays

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CBCT is improving the efficiency, precision and quality of radiographic dental care and is rapidly changing the field of dentistry by becoming the leader in dental X-ray industry standards. Dental CBCT systems that are used specifically for dental implants allow us to plan a customized procedure that minimizes pain and speeds the healing process. If you are considering dental implants in Murfreesboro, TN, contact Dr. Steven Daniel and Dr. Gaydos-Daniel today at (615) 200-1199 to schedule your consultation.